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Can you smell it? It’s in the air. It’s that faint scent of bulbs popping up out of the damp, cold ground. Trees are just starting to show some colour, and the spring flowers are coming out from their winter sleep. After being homebound so much for the last few months, we love going outside in the (finally) warmer weather. We can’t wait to participate in all kinds of activities as the weather gets warmer.


In addition to the numerous outdoor events to be involved in during this beautiful time of year, here are some reasons why we think spring is a great time to get LASIK.

Reason One: Waking up to your smartphone alarm or clock, and actually being able to see it!

Reason Two: You will no longer be concerned about spring allergies and how uncomfortable your contacts are.

Reason Three:  You won’t have to pay to check your bags on your next trip. You will only need a carry on since you can leave behind all your contact lens solutions and cases.

Reason Four: Completely enjoy water sports this summer without your glasses or contact lenses. Swim, go snorkeling, play with your kids in the pool (and be able to see them).

Reason Five: Actually save money over the long term.  Do the Math here.

Reason Six: Enjoy the warm weather without the risks of eye infections from contact lenses.

Reason Seven: Kissing your honey is easier without glasses. Go ahead.

Reason Eight:  Don’t forget to smell the roses along the way, and now you can truly see how beautiful they are.

Reason Nine:  You can throw away your makeup-magnifying mirror.

Reason Ten:  Find your children on the beach, actually go into the ocean, take them to summer camp and of course, people watch.

Reason Eleven:  Now you will only need sunglasses.

Convinced yet? We could go on, but we think you get the point. Yes, we think spring is a great time to get LASIK.

Schedule your FREE LASIK consultation at OCC LASIK and enjoy not only the spring, but summer and every season to come. Tell us some of your own reasons.

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