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What do you give the person that has everything? The holiday season is when we show the people we love most just how much we care. This doesn’t always mean impressive material gifts, sometimes just a simple gesture to show how well you know them and how much you care more than suffices. The gift of LASIK can be life changing for someone who has fussed with glasses and contact lenses their entire life. The ability to enjoy things in life that had previously been bothersome because of glasses could become fun and hassle free! Curious? Here are a few reasons why LASIK makes the perfect gift for a loved one (or yourself!) this season.


Not Just for Looks

Many people say that LASIK is purely for cosmetic reasons, but that simply isn’t true. LASIK can improve peripheral vision, allergy symptoms, nighttime vision, as well as additional lines of sight. Though it is elective, patients choose this procedure to alleviate visual impairment and relinquish the need for visual aids. Furthermore, LASIK has one of the highest satisfaction rates of any elective surgery. Approximately 95% of patients report being satisfied with the outcome of their LASIK procedure, and another 90% would recommend the procedure to others post-surgery. In fact, the procedure is so safe that professionals that heavily rely on their eyesight, such as astronauts, soldiers, and even pilots are all encouraged to have LASIK to correct their vision. What’s more is that the recovery time for LASIK is minimal. The recommended recovery time frame is usually around 48 hours, and the most common side effect is dry eye. This side effect is reported to go away within 2 weeks and only affects about 20% of patients.


Rediscover the Outdoors

Is there a loved one in your life who is a true outdoorsperson? Do they love camping, hiking and generally just being one with nature? Let’s face it; glasses and contacts are not ideal for weekend camping trips or swimming in the lake! For this person, the benefits of LASIK are numerous! They would be able to enjoy the outdoors with nothing between them and the elements! No foggy glasses or dropped contacts – just clear vision. For the nature lover in your life, the gift of LASIK is truly priceless.


Cataract Treatment

As we age, we become highly susceptible to developing cataracts. It’s likely that someone in your family already has or is starting to develop them. If a parent or grandparent of yours has cataracts, why not consider the gift of cataract treatment? Cataract treatment replaces the existing cloudy lens with a brand new one, enabling clear vision! This procedure is truly life changing for patients as it restores lost vision and provides a second lease on life. OCC LASIK offers the most advanced technology in Laser Cataract Surgery in combination with refractive cataract techniques, which allows for the highest level of visual care and recovery.


Always On The Go

We all have that family member who is constantly on the go. From meetings to dinners to picking up the kids; this is usually the same person that spends 30 minutes looking for their glasses, only to realize they’ve been on their head the entire time! For someone who fits this bill, the gift of LASIK is a complete lifesaver and time saver. No more scrambling to find glasses, or frantically searching for that dropped contact lens. LASIK is the perfect gift for the busy bee in your life!



Parental Duties

Does your partner wear contact lenses or glasses? Any parent knows that attempting to keep their glasses clean and also raise a family is nearly impossible! Dealing with sticky fingers and mischievous kids is not ideal for keeping glasses clean – or keeping them at all! While kids may think glasses are a fun dress up prop, to you they’ve just become a nuisance. If your partner is still dealing with tricky glasses or contacts, LASIK is the perfect gift to alleviate a little stress!


Penny Pinching

Most people’s biggest con against LASIK is the price. The thought of shelling out a large lump sum can be off-putting and intimidating! However, if you add it up in the long run, LASIK can actually save you money. Don’t believe us? Head over to our savings calculator and see for yourself!


It won’t fit neatly in a box, but it does make the perfect gift! Learn more about OCC LASIK and book a free consultation today!









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