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laser cataract surgery

TORONTO, ON: Mississauga laser eye clinic Ophthalmic Consultant Centres will now offer breakthrough laser cataract surgery, effective immediately.

Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery is a major advancement in the surgical treatment of cataracts.  A type of laser called a femtosecond laser is used to make incisions in the cornea and cut the cataract into small pieces to remove from the eye.

Incisions made with femto lasers are more precise and cause far less damage to the cornea than incisions made with conventional steel scalpels.  Laser incisions may heal faster, speeding up the recovery time after surgery.  As well, breaking up the cataract with laser energy rather than the older ultrasound technology causes less damage to the cornea, potentially preserving the long-term health of the eye tissue.

Both Dr. Armogan and Dr. Ali are very excited about this new technology. Dr. Armogan, an ophthalmologist who specializes in glaucoma, cataracts, and refractive surgery states, “At OCC LASIK, we’ve always been committed to offering the best services and technology available to our patients. The femto laser’s precision will increase the degree in which we can treat patients, and reduce their recovery time. It’s an innovative addition to our technology.”

In addition to the safety benefits, the enhanced precision of laser cataract surgery improves the centering of the artificial lens placed inside the eye to replace the cataract, and causes less distortion of the shape of the cornea (astigmatism). Patients are far less likely to need eyeglasses after laser cataract surgery, improving the quality of the vision and overall patient satisfaction with the procedure.


OCC LASIK is a results driven multidisciplinary ophthalmology clinic. The combination of expertise between Dr. Narendra Armogan and Dr. Fareed Ali, as well as the highest level of technology available ensures accurate, effective treatments. The all-laser LASIK technology is currently leading the industry in terms of sophistication and patient experience, and is completely customizable.

OCC LASIK is also committed to a positive patient experience, and you’ll have support through every step of the procedure. This includes consultations and lead-up assistance, the procedure itself, and all necessary follow up support. It’s this detail-focused approach that gives our patients confidence, peace of mind, and the best results possible.


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