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When summer arrives the last thing you want to do is be cooped up inside. Summer is for outdoor activities, adventures, and sports. If you’re stuck wearing glasses or even contact lenses, it can be enough to wreck a perfect day. The mere thought of attempting to put contact lenses in while camping or salvaging glasses in a heated soccer match is enough to well, ruin your summer! Aside from those dreadful scenarios, here are a few other ways that the burden of glasses can wreck an otherwise lovely summer day.



If you’re a longtime wearer of glasses there’s no doubt you’ve experienced the many pitfalls of being a sports lover. From elementary school dodgeball to intramural soccer with your coworkers, taking a ball to the face is only made worse by glasses. Keeping them on your face, cleaning the lenses, shielding them from flying objects and the simple act of preventing breakage can ruin any game day. That’s where LASIK comes in. Imagine stepping up to the plate at your next baseball game, lens free, with perfect vision! LASIK can make that a reality. Don’t let glasses ruin sports for you this summer!


As mentioned earlier, can you even fathom the nightmare of putting contact lenses in while  summer camping in muskoka? If you drop your lens in the mud it’s pretty much game over! Using a compact mirror or the camera of your smartphone is an accident waiting to happen! Even the maintenance of continually keeping your glasses clean during a camping trip is a big pain. Once again, this is where the magic of LASIK comes in. Forget about worrying your glasses may fall off while portaging or get lost in the muck while hiking. LASIK enables you to fully enjoy the outdoors without the muss and fuss. Experience the beauty of nature crystal clear – for good!


While you wouldn’t wear glasses swimming regardless, having good eyesight while swimming is more than just convenient, it’s a matter of safety. Whether it’s in the lake, ocean or pool it’s incredibly important to be able to effectively suss out your surroundings. While at the pool having clear eye sight is important for safety so you can gauge where others are around you, if someone is jumping into the water, throwing a pool toy or even just determining the depth of the water. In a lake eyesight is even more important, being able to see the location of boats, skidoos and other watercraft is of paramount importance. If you solely wear glasses this poses a big issue. Although contact lenses do create somewhat of a solution, they also come with their own complications. Wearing contact lenses in the pool can be incredibly detrimental to your eye health. Chlorinated water can find its way between your contact and your eye and cause serious irritation to your eyes. Either way, contact lenses and glasses both offer a bevy of issues in terms of protecting your eyes in water. With LASIK you can enjoy swimming and even water sports like water skiing and tubing that you may not have been able to before. Ready for LASIK? Then get your wakeboard strapped on!


Bad weather is inescapable, but in the summer there are even more inclement weather hazards to wreck your day. On a super hot day, the last thing you need is to be continually pushing your glasses up the sweaty bridge of your nose. What’s worse, have you ever walked outside after being in a heavily air conditioned building? Instant and intense fogginess. Though less of an annoyance, rain can also get in the way. You shouldn’t have to choose between clear vision and muddled lenses. Yet another way that LASIK can save the day (and your summer!)

If you’re looking to live your summer to the fullest and not let anything stand in your way, it’s time to consider what LASIK can do for you! Never let glasses or contact lenses hold you back again! Interested in learning more and finding out if you’re a candidate? Click here! To book your free consultation. Book online now!

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