We at Ophthalmic Consultant Centres Inc./OCC LASIK take pride in not only how our company is represented, but in how we represent our company. Although we have only been around since 2001, OCC/OCC LASIK has strived to instill a positive impact on those that surround us as well as on a global scale. We are continually growing in every aspect and try to evolve as much as we can. This not only applies in terms of providing remarkable care, excellent results, and effective communication with our patients, the medical community, and our staff, but within our corporate responsibility as well.

Community Involvement

Some of our biggest and proudest accomplishments at OCC/OCC LASIK occur at a community level. We feel that we have done our part, and will continue to, by staying involved and in sync with what surrounds us, both locally and worldwide. Our most successful story relates to our own ICare Ophthalmic Foundation, which is an organization dedicated to enhancing the treatment and care of patients affected by debilitating eyes diseases. We aspire to develop innovative, clinical treatment options through research and trial studies, while also providing funding for equipment to ocular organizations in need. To learn more about the ICare Ophthalmic Foundation, please click here.

Despite being a smaller company, we aspire to do big things. Alongside our ICare Ophthalmic Foundation, we have opened up our doors many times to provide our community with a day dedicated to free eye exams. We understand that not everyone has the luxury of receiving quality eye care and we work to provide those who are in need. Furthermore, we have worked with patients worldwide that suffer from debilitating eye diseases to provide aid in order to better their lives as well as patient assistance programs. In the past, this has been represented through things like free various eye surgeries as well as clinical research opportunities.

In August 2009, OCC was directly affected by breast cancer. Ms. Kamlini Kumar was the Chief Executive Officer of Ophthalmic Consultant Centres Inc. before she lost her battle with cancer. For those that knew her, she was quite often described as a dedicated, strong, and driven person for all that she was able to accomplish in her young life. With that in mind, her memory lives on at OCC in many ways. Besides participating in the CIBC Run for the Cure for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, it was her characteristics and passion for academia that came together to form the Kamlini Kumar Memorial Award. Given annually to a full-time MBA student who, like Kamlini, has demonstrated dedication to academic excellence, a commitment to leadership and community service. The recipient must have a minimum GPA of 7.0 and will be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or protected person, and resident of Ontario who demonstrates financial need.

We also participate in semi-annually food and clothing donation drives. Some of the charities we have worked with are:

Environmentally Friendly

We have since developed a recycling program at our Mississauga location. Brought together by our Health and Safety Committee, we strongly encourage all employees to recycle rather than waste materials. We are sure to provide a fully outfitted facility to allow for patients as well as staff to recycle. This same idea is emphasized furthermore in our offices as all of our shredding needs are outsourced. The particular company we deal with for this demand recycles all of our material and also provides the option to recycle other material as well, such as batteries, toner cartridges, electronics, cardboard, bottles, cans, and organic waste.

As far as the way our office is run, we are always looking for innovative ways to conserve energy. Since the hours of each employee fluctuates at OCC/OCC LASIK, it is impossible to have a set time in which all of our computers can be turned on and off. With that being said, we have each individual computer set on timers. Upon turning on a computer, if an employee forgets to shut down their computers for an unforeseen reason, the computer will turn itself off after an extended period of unused time. The same can be said for our thermostat as it is designed to turn off when no one is present at the office.

We are also in the midst of outfitting our entire office with much more energy efficient lights. We had previously used standard bulbs that were 450 watts, but have since split that in half as we are now using fluorescent 225 watt light bulbs.


Below is a list of our sponsorships that we are proud to support:


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