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Here at OCC LASIK, our doctors have a combined 50 years of experience in both the medical field and the field of ophthalmology. With this experience and the help of our friendly staff, we feel confident in stating that we are your best choice for all of your eye care needs.

As technology develops and LASIK becomes more affordable for everyone, this procedure has become increasingly common. We offer low risks, affordable prices, and unparalleled results to customers seeking the ultimate LASIK experience.

Quality Care and Proven Results

With access to the most innovative technology in LASIK, our clinic provides a customised procedure for your individual needs. Our centre prides itself on providing the fastest, most accurate, and most effective vision treatment from friendly and knowledgeable surgeons.  Our results stand out because we understand the importance of technology in vision correction surgery. Our professionals also give you the guidance on what to expect after LASIK, after PRK, and after cataract surgery. If you’re looking for crystal clear vision and an enjoyable experience, you’ve found the right vision centre.

Experience Changing Lives

At OCC LASIK, our qualified surgeons have been working for years to improve the lives of the many patients that come through our clinic doors. We offer a number of different treatments including correction of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism through LASIK or PRK, as well as treatment of cataracts.


The traditional LASIK procedure involves using a steel blade to create the flap necessary to access the treatment area, but revolutionary LASIK technology uses a laser for this portion of the procedure to ensure safer, more accurate, and more satisfying results. Once the flap is created, a laser is then used to reshape the eye to correct vision. The flap is then placed back over the eye to heal and many people notice better vision, if not instantly then within the first 24 hours. When it comes to LASIK procedures, the ‘i’ makes all the difference.


PRK produces similar results to the LASIK treatment but is better suited for a different kind of patient. It provides a quality alternative for those who have thin corneas, corneal scarring, or another problem that prevents the use of LASIK. The surgeons at our centre have the knowledge to advise you on which is best suited for your needs and the skill to perform the procedure for patient satisfaction.


Cataracts are a problem that often affects the aging members of the population, although they can occur in younger people as well. This clouding of the lens can impair light from properly focusing on the retina, resulting in a reduction of vision. Our surgeons can perform effective treatment for cataract sufferers that involves replacing the lens of the eye to provide improved vision. Those that undergo surgery at our centre often watch the sharpness of their vision increase drastically afterwards and no longer face the frustrations of cloudiness and glare.

Eye Care for the Whole Family

Our doctors have extensive training in the field of ophthalmology and are committed to improving your vision and your overall health. Your entire family can enjoy the unique benefits we offer to all of our patients:

  • Complete diagnosis and testing in office
  • Treatment ranging from simple tests to vision surgeries
  • Friendly and welcoming staff
  • Medical doctors with years of experience
  • Cutting edge vision technology
  • Customized treatment plans for every patient

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If you’re tired of your less than perfect vision and are ready to make a positive change in your life, give us a call today at 855-622-1622 to set up a free consultation for your procedure. An experience with OCC LASIK is one you will remember fondly every time you enjoy the benefits of crystal clear vision.

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Industry Leaders

Industry Leaders

Although we have the abilities to treat patients in the field of LASIK vision correction, the important thing to remember is that we are medical doctors first. Alongside the exceptional education that encompasses each of our doctors, their experience in ophthalmology combines for over 50 years.

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Comprehensive Specialists

Comprehensive Specialists

OCC LASIK prides itself on its exceptional doctors and staff to provide patients with not only superior results, but a satisfying and unique experience. We work hard to make sure all of your needs are met whether you’re visiting our facility for the first time or have a scheduled surgery date for the future.

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Unique patient experiences

Unique patient experiences

With today’s ever-evolving technology, alongside fair pricing options, the decision to have the procedure has become increasingly common, and we at OCC LASIK want to provide you with the ultimate LASIK experience. At OCC LASIK, we can suit your needs in almost every way possible because we are medical doctors first.

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At OCC LASIK, we provide you with the best form of laser vision correction that is currently available by using the advanced LASIK technology platform. With that comes superior technology that is completely simplified to provide a seamless experience that leaves you with unparalleled, crystal clear vision.

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